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Broadwell Christian Hospital was started in 1907 by the Women’s Union Missionary Society (WUMS). It is situated in Fatehpur district in Southeast Uttar Pradesh. In 1973 Broadwell Christian Hospital was handed over to Emmanuel Hospital Association, New Delhi. Under its supervision, the Hospital geared up to become a modern hospital and its bed strength was increased to 50. Hospital services were revamped, and today the hospital continues to bring hope to the many needy people who come to it for help.



Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)



The hospital offers services of Obstetrics and gynecology, General surgery, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics and neonatology, General medicine, Palliative care, Dentistry, ENT – camp, Psychiatry – camp and Government programs – RNTCP - DOTS, and ICTC. The Community health & development programs include Adolescent Education & training, Gender (Women empowerment), Livelihood, Advocacy for government documents & privileges, Supporting the NUHM (National Urban Health Mission), and Church mobilization.

New departments: In 2015-16, the hospital witnessed new departments being added like Orthopaedics, Psychiatry and Physiotherapy to the existing services. Construction of new buildings, demolition of some old structures and renovation of some other structures were undertaken to upgrade the hospital.

Community Health: The CH project started to work on social determinants of health alongside basic health advocacy. They were able to impact the lives of school drop outs, abused women, exploited labourers and marginalized families. They started working with people with disability and their efforts at networking for income generations and demo projects were successful. They also were enabled to minister to the young inmates of Fatehpur jail.


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How to get there:
Travel by train- Prayagraj Express- from Delhi to Fatehpur.

Tourist Spots:
Varanasi, Allahabad - temple towns

Medical students and visitors are welcome to visit and be inspired. 



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