Madhipura Christian Hospital


Madhipura Christian Hospital was founded in 1953 when it was started as a small dispensary by the Brethren in Christ Church. It is located in Madhepura, one of the most under-developed districts of India, in the northeast part of Bihar. In 1974, the hospital was brought under the umbrella of Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) and has since grown to a 35 bed hospital.



In 2008 the district of Madhipura was ravaged by the flood in the Koshi region and closed down temporarily. This setback was a God-sent opportunity to build relations with the local people and develop the community health program. It was reopened in 2009 and the OPD and inpatient services were completely renovated. 


Today the hospital offers medical care services - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Radiology, Surgery and Paediatric Surgery, Paediatrics and Immunisation, Anesthesia, ICU and Level II Nursery, and Palliative care. The Community Health and Development program which began with disaster mitigation during the time of the 2008 floods, has slowly expanded to concentrate on Disaster preparedness, Anti-human-trafficking, Livelihood support and Dalit empowerment.


What's special about Madhipura Christian Hospital?

1. MCH is the only hospital in the entire district with with 24 hours emergency clinical services, and labour room with continuous monitoring of fetal HR

2. The hospital has become a tertiary centre for complicated obstetric emergencies, getting badly mismanaged delivery cases and many patients with ruptured uterus

3. This is the only hospital in 3 districts with anti-snake venom and ventilator support 

4. Only hospital in the district approved by the Bihar Government to do surgeries under the Govt insurance scheme

5. Only centre recognised to do skilled birth assistant training for four districts

6. Since the floods of 2008, the hospital has become known in this region for ethical and compassionate care. The flood and storm relief activities, anti-trafficking activities and livelihood support endeavours have earned a lot of good will locally



Hospital Contact Details

Dr. Timothy Chelliah, SAO / MS

Madhipura, Madhipura District,

Bihar - 852 113.

Phone: 06476-222040

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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You can read an interesting blogpost about the Life of a JMO in Madhepura Christian Hospital at this site.



Visitor Information

Job opportunities are available for those who are ready for the thrill of the challenge! Guest rooms are available for students and others who wish to visit for a short-term missions exposure trip.


How to reach Madhipura:

Nearest Railway Station Saharsa than travel by road 25 KM travel time 1 hour

Katihar railway station than travel by road 120 KM travel time 3  hours

Barauni railway station than travel by road 160 KM travel time 4 hours

By Flight (Air travel)

Bagdogra Airport in Darjeeling District of West Bengal State than travel by road 280 KM travel time 5-6 hours

Patna Air port in Bihar then you can travel by train from Patna to Saharsa or travel by road 350 KM travel time 7 hours



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